New Year – New Newsletter

Issue # 1 2020

To all our friends, welcome!

Because we care for art as well as class filmmaking, Open Strings is starting a community newsletter to give more space and time to the attitudes and aspirations of those who join and growing family.

If you’ve not yet decided on your new year’s resolution, why not make it subvert the guitar mafia, and say yes to love, by subscribing to Open String Berlin.

Note from the artistic directors:

We’re super excited about Open Strings at the moment. We feel that it is, and can be, anything we want it to be. What we’re hoping for with the newsletter is to bring a more personal touch what we do and because it’s really about the people.

Nico & Hendrik

What’s in this lovely thing?

  • Note from Nico & Hendrik

  • Goings-on behind the scenes

  • Feature article with OSB Artist

  • OSB video releases

  • 5Qs for the directors

  • 2019 in Review

  • Projects to look out for

5Qs for Nico & Hendrik

In what ways has the experience of establishing Open Strings Berlin, meeting so many musicians at different stages in their life, influenced your perception of your own life and long-term trajectory?

You’ve spoken with guitarists of vastly different approaches to art and creative output. What are your personal beliefs towards the instrument, as an artistic practice?

While music is a special thing, what are other interests that matter in your life?

Why do you think the guitar mafia exists? Are we part of the problem?

You’ve learned a bit about honesty, and the value to ourselves and others of being vulnerable. What do you think we can do for one another?

Latest Video Releases:

Stefan Volpp

Bach’s Sonata No.1 BWV 1001

“…only surrounded by musicians, you can lose the feeling for what is important for the listener — the ones you are actually going to play for.”

Stefan Volpp interview with OSB

Lux Nova Duo

Brouwer’s Folia a través de los Siglos

Originally composed for guitar and bandoneon, and premiered in 2017, Lux Nova Duo (@lux_nova_duo) have approached this work with a sensitive and thoughtful interpretation, with guidance by Brouwer himself, that gives attention to the combining textures and sonorities of Lydia’s accordion and Jorge's guitar.

“I think that the combination of guitar and accordion is very difficult,” says Jorge. "Most people think the the guitar has to sound loud and that is the solution -  but that's completely wrong." - Lux Nova Duo Interview

2019 in review…

It’s nice to reminisce. We revisited some top musicians and great projects from 2019. (Link to a separate article.)

The Team:

Artistic Directors and Production Team

Nicolas Haumann & Hendrik Schacht

On-Shoot Photographer

Content writer and Copywriter

Myles Oakey

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